Saturday, October 16, 2010


Every city has its own little twists to the apartment rental process. For instance, in Montreal the fridge and stove, in a distressing number of instances, were not included in the rental agreement so you always had to remember to ask whether you had to provide your own appliances.

Stuttgart, likewise, has its quirks. They aren't so little. It turns out kitchen cabinetry is one of those bring-with-you items, like a couch but more awkward. If you're moving in with a roommate, you may have to buy out the departing tenant's investment in cupboards, which is obviously not cheap. Even weirder, many smaller apartments have a bathroom with a door that closes (as expected) but the shower is not in the bathroom - it is in the kitchen. No door. This is very common. Rental adds typically may something like "no direct sight line" to sell the concept, but it's still like bathing in public if you have a houseguest.

So much to figure out. I'm going to Stuttgart on Monday to assess the possibilities. Hopefully I'll only have to make the one trip, because it's a long train ride (1h 45min each way).

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