Monday, October 11, 2010

Quarry time

On the recommendation of a friend (not a paleontologist, I should point out), I went to visit a stone quarry / gravel pit outside of Schwäbisch Hall that is actively quarrying / crushing Muschelkalk. I apologize for yet another rock/fossil themed post, but I am who I am. I walked there, which was fairly time consuming but resulted in my seeing some countryside and getting minor sunburn

The Comburg from a different angle; I have no sense of the horizontal
with my camera
Quarry! All the dirt-looking layers are actually very soft shale
The quarry was great: the Muschelkalk is really heterogeneous; I didn't realize parts were extremely soft shale - Schwäbisch Hall gave me the opinion it was all blocky limestones. Obviously the blocky limestones are the financially viable part of the operation.
Business end of the quarry combined with pretty fall scenery.
Yes, I went all the way to Europe to look at a gravel pit
I didn't go into the quarry itself, but there was plenty of spoil around the outside - obviously just the softer layers, since the harder ones were crushed into gravel. There was a nice thin layer full of really small bones / scales / teeth (microsite), and there were also layers full of plant material and some with shells. Not wanting to burden myself with literal rocks (as opposed to just metaphorical ones) in my luggage, I left it all behind except for a lovely crystal that is now readjusting the flow of energy in my room, or waiting to be properly washed, depending on how you look at it.

What a beautiful day . . . and rocks!

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