Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Objets d'Art

More on small-town southern Germany . . .
I got on a bicycle for the first time in about 5 years this week to do a little cycle tour in the neighbourhood of Schwäbisch Hall. This mostly involved flat bits and farmers' fields, but the destination was a small town called Vellberg.

Vellberg was cute, lots of half-timbering, stone towers, etc. but apparently the residents were not content to draw on its obvious historical charms. Rather, weird large art was the most notable feature of the town.

Large disembodied ear
Apple core dwarfing a tree
I suppose it worked - Vellberg was transformed from just another tiny town to something memorable. And there was a certain sense of self-mockery about it, which added to the fun (below)

Historical clock tower playing off the Rapunzel story
Ahh, feeling a bit overwhelmed by German language and culture by now in case anyone was wondering. I miss you Canada!

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