Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, everyone! I'm very sad because it's really my favourite holiday, and I have no one to celebrate it with here. That and the fact that the residence does not have anything even remotely resembling an oven rules out almost 100% of the traditional food.

I decided that I was going to make pumpkin soup instead, since that seemed very seasonal. Remember that because everything is closed here on Sundays, I have to plan meals well ahead of time on weekends and then stockpile groceries. I went to the market to get a pumpkin. I found a pumpkin and went to purchase it, but the vendor wouldn't sell it to me because . . . pumpkins aren't edible. They are only for carving. Could someone please tell me if there is a special variety of German pumpkin that looks normal but tastes awful, or if it just isn't a vegetable eaten by Germans? Honestly, he looked at me as if I had suggested that I wanted to eat maple leaves.

As my German language skills weren't up for an argument, I bought the other kind of squash he recommended. I don't actually know what it is - I hope it tastes more like pumpkin than butternut squash, or the recipe won't work.

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