Sunday, September 5, 2010

Odd public fixtures

"There are a lot of crazy people in Germany", says my German colleague. I haven't noticed this, but possibly it's just a more subtle degree of crazy than the in-your-face variety I experienced in Montreal (no combing of groundhogs here). Either way, there is certainly some odd/fun public installations to be seen around Stuttgart, and I've included a selection of it here for your enjoyment.
Lion and lion cubs in the park

Awesomest. Jungle-gym. Ever.
 So, there's this square called Troll place (by the bridge - coincidence? I think not.)
In troll place, there is this statue of a man (troll?). . . .

Doing something very bad to a duck?

I'm off to Schwäbisch Hall tomorrow for the language course, it'll be nice to not be in a hotel anymore.

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