Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More churches

Schwäbisch Hall is in the Hohenlohe region, which is extremely rural. However, there seem to be more than a normal concentration of Baroque churches, which is great because it's my favourite style - so excessive, you can see why the farmers rebelled against the monasteries and destroyed many of them. We did a bus tour of the Hohenlohe, and one of the stops was a Cistercian monastery, in a small town called Schöntal. Perpetual poverty was clearly not one of the goals of the order - I had assumed that monks all lived in fairly subdued surroundings to focus on spiritual matters. Apparently I was wrong.

Chapter Hall, note amount of gilding

Monastery Church
 The church itself is committed to the Baroque style - you could see Barbie living there.

Gold + pink marble: a winning combination
Creepy little faces carved into the gilded [of course!] grate

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