Sunday, January 30, 2011


Stuttgart has a fairly extensive park system. For some reason, I never ventured out of the central part, but today I explored what things are like to the west of the museum. Turns out it's really nice. The neighbourhood is nice too. Stuttgart names every little tiny segment of park something different, but generally we'll call the area in question Killesberg. While Schloßgarten/Rosensteinpark go for Greek and Roman statuary, Killesberg goes for weird modernist sculpture.

Pac-man emerges from his underground lair
I don't know why I found this landscaping attempt so inspiring. All the trees in one planter . . .
The Triassic: now with cross-bedding!
I probably just liked Killesberg so much because apparently it's a reclaimed quarry (no, I didn't know when I decided to walk there). The back half is a giant cliff made of Triassic-aged redbeds.

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