Saturday, January 22, 2011


Birds are great, but difficult to photograph, especially on the way to work when I don't have time to stand still and wait for them to come close. The nice part is that the birds that live in the park in Stuttgart don't seem to migrate anywhere. They disappear when the weather drops below zero, but are back as soon as it warms up so they couldn't go very far. Aside from the ever present pack of mallards and pigeons (boring city birds), there's a random cormorant, a great blue heron, a pair of storks,
The city must stock the pond, because the storks aren't eating bread crumbs all winter

"song birds" – by this point it should be clear I've failed to locate an English language guidebook to birds of southern Germany. The initial goal was to photograph said 'songbirds' and ask for help with the ids, but the photography stage has not met with unparalleled success.
Also 20 million crows. I don't know if they're the same species as in North America. German people call them ravens, but this might be a translation issue. From a North American perspective, they're certainly more crowlike than ravenlike. They're kind of cool because they hybridize with an eastern species, and so some of them have random white feathers in their wings and tails. It gives them a magpie-esque look.
Crow vs. raven? The mystery continues

And, staple of parks the world over, Mute Swans!

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