Monday, November 1, 2010

das Auto

Thank-you, North American Volkswagon Advertising Campaign, for making sure I can always remember the article of at least one German word.

Stuttgart is not exactly a tourist mecca: it is in fact a very industrial city. Both Daimler-Benz and Porsche are headquartered in the Stuttgart region, and have corporate museums here that are listed as some of the top civic attractions. It's the thing to do apparently, so this weekend I went to the Mercedes Benz museum, in spite of having only a minimal interest in motor vehicles.

Mercedes Benz museum, Stuttgart
The best thing about the museum was the architecture. It was absolutely stunning, and complemented the displays beautifully. The museum spent a lot of space documenting world events and how they influenced the company's designs, which was very interesting even if I didn't care about the cars.

Old race cars
Museum giftshop / car dealership
They also had a section devoted to cars of famous people. Mostly dull, but look!

Recognize this one? I actually thought it would look more like a golf cart than a pick-up

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